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Our Story

Dr. Joseph Hosny, FSS co-founder, came up with an amazing application idea. He became very passionate about the vision he had and really wanted to bring it to reality as he thought it would solve a problem and help a lot of potential customers. He started researching companies that he could partner with to build the software for him. Unfortunately he was very shocked about the budget it will cost him. Software companies were giving him a 400K-600K+ quote to build the application for him. You see, Dr. Hosny was not a rich man but he had a brilliant mind with exceptional ideas. He was heart broken that he doesn’t have the budget to partner with a Software service company to create this potentially successful app. Nevertheless, as he was doing more research and talking to people, he realized he is not the only one that has big ideas but doesn’t have the budget to bring it to reality. This turned a fire in him. He thought it is unfair that rich minded people don’t have the chance to start a software business just because they are not money rich. Everyone deserves to bring their vision to reality especially if it is solving a problem for the target audiences. Thus, Joseph decided to open his own Software solution company and help startups and small businesses, that don’t have the high budget, to keep pursuing their dream and help them accomplish what they desire. He didn’t want other people to feel what he felt. He wants everyone with an idea to know that they could do it and budget limitation shouldn’t be a problem.

The Crew

Meet the Team

Our team brings a wealth of experience, passion, and dedication into their projects. Most importantly, our team brings an open mindset and a full respect to one another's opinion and thoughts, leading to a positive work environment.

Joseph Hosny

CEO and Co-Founder

Dr. Hosny is the brilliant co-owner of this business and the glue to the organization. His passion is to make other people’s dreams come true.

Joanne Wu

COO and Co-Founder

Dr. Wu is the amazing co-owner of this business and her focus is making sure the company’s operations are going smoothly and efficiently.

Nicolas Farah

VP. of Engineering

Nicolas is a senior backend developer and a certified DevOps engineer expert. His engineering knowledge and expertise bring high value and success to his team and projects.

Akash Saxena

Customer Success Manager

Akash facilitates clear communication and alignment between our team and clients, helping to keep projects on track. They are your primary contact for support and inquiries during the development journey.

Jimmy BouChakra

Sr. Engineering Manager

Jimmy is a top full stack developer with a passion and dedication to make any application succesfully developed.
maroun helou

Maroun Helou

Digital Solution Consultant

Maroun has top experience in Digital Solutions and development. His UI talents and his designs practice create user-friendly apps and customer centric solution for top user experience.

Do You Have Any Questions? Read Our FAQs Section and Feel Free to Ask

It is really hard to give a simple price approximation as their is too many variants that affects cost. It depends on what services you would like as each service has a different cost. It depends on how small or big your project is. It depends on how many team members you require. It depends on your own budget and how much you are willing to spend! There are other variants but we do pride ourselves to offer one of the lowest prices compared to similar companies in the United States!
It depends on the service chosen and the contract signed. No contract will be signed until both parties are satisfied with the contract rules! We also do all the necessary to make all of our clients satisfied with our services and results.
Absolutely this is a step in our process. We want to listen to you and all your ideas. We want to bring your vision to life. We listen and advocate to what will be the most successful.
It varies by simplicity, complexity, number of pages needed, and what platform we are using to build your website or software.
We love small businesses and startups! We love individuals who have a dream for an incredible digital product that they like to share with the world. We understand small businesses and startups might not have the budget to build an app but with us we will make it our mission to come up with a solution to bring your vision to life no matter how small your business is or how small your budget is!

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